Maid Agency in Singapore subject to scrutiny

In lieu of your privileged socio-economic status, whether you are a Singaporean resident, born or bred or expatriated, or a foreigner, here is an invidious business opportunity for you. In your privileged circumstances, you may hold a large stock of residential property in different parts of the country or even abroad. Because you are usually preoccupied with your business and it is not humanly possible to take care of such huge households, you generally employ or contract domestic help.

Many of you have been in the disadvantageous position in seeing staff come and go, often over short and inconvenient periods of time. As this happens, your properties, indoors and outdoors, are left to rack and ruin. As the old saying goes, it is difficult to find decent help these days. This is not necessarily the fault of the workers. You do need to consider their far inferior socio-economic circumstances, in comparison to yours.

Young maids will come and go because new and better paying job opportunities come to the fore, or they have received opportunities to study further in order to realize career aspirations. You cannot fault them for that and you should be impressed by their ability to discipline themselves and make financial sacrifices in order to realize such opportunities. And you do need to congratulate those who leave your employ when marriage requires their full and undivided attention elsewhere.

And you cannot even judge those who go on to marry for the money, because after all, this has been your business; making money, lot’s of it, as it turns out. You know that as long as it’s legal, the methods of making money cannot be questioned. You also know that when labor forces are exploited to these ends, we hope you are not guilty of this, judgment day should come calling. If you are guilty of this practice, you should be called into question for your immoral or amoral actions.

Speaking of which, as a businessman, or woman, you probably know by now that Singaporean labor practices are questionable. Maid Agency in Singapore practices are also subject to scrutiny, in fact, as high as the International Labor Organization which makes recommendations on the number of hours that workers should be working and the minimum wages they should be paid. Currently, you may not be in a position to influence laws, but you are in a strong position to make a cultural and humane difference.

This works in your favor too, on several fronts, in fact. For instance, if you are able to contract the services of Singaporean domestic workers, you will be richly rewarded by their customary politeness and loyalty. You will also be advantaged financially. You pay their agency a direct fee. While you are not obligated to pay the maids a penny more, you should at least compensate them for their minimal wages, and efforts. You do not, however, need to pay them the earth because favorable rates of exchange come into play.